Tired of paying a fortune for DSP tools?

Since 1997, our mission at Iowegian International Corporation has been to produce high-quality, affordable, user-efficient software tools for Digital Signal Processing. Quality is always the first priority. Our design philosophy is to achieve maximum user efficiency by providing a cohesive, powerful set of features.

Our products are ScopeFIR, ScopeIIR, ScopeDSP, and ScopeDSP Suite. Just as a “scope” is the most basic hardware tool of the DSP professional, our Scope series of products are the most basic software tools of the DSP professional. Compared to those expensive and complicated “math” packages (we won’t mention any of those “M” words like “Matlab” and “Mathmatica”), our products offer a specialized combination of powerful features, coupled with a highly refined user interface. Rather than making you learn a whole new language, our tools are ready to use – with all the knobs and buttons in just the right place. That makes them the premier tools of their type for use by professionals working in practical applications of Digital Signal Processing.

Oh, did we mention that our products are affordable? We sell all our products exclusively via the web, which keeps expenses low so that we can sell even highly specialized products at an affordable price. But just as importantly, selling our products via the web lets you “try it before you buy it”.

Besides this site, Iowegian International operates the following related (and unrelated) websites:

  • dspGuru, “DSP┬áCentral”, is an online resource devoted to resource sharing among DSP’ers. It’s been around for over ten years and has become one of the most popular DSP information sites on the web!
  • CoverTogether is a comprehensive database of cover versions of songs and albums by The Beatles.
  • The Ziti Project is an experiment in the fine art of collaborative nonsense poetry.

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