ScopeDSP Suite Professional™ provides a comprehensive set of software tools for DSP system development.  It is simply a combined registration (license) to the following Iowegian products:

Why buy ScopeDSP Suite?

  • ScopeFIR, ScopeIIR, and ScopeDSP are part of a unified DSP development methodology that emphasizes an accessible, intuitive, graphical approach to DSP system design and analysis that makes you highly productive. They share many design and user interface elements, which makes it easy to learn and use them as a set.
  • Recognizing the value of using our products together, many of our users purchase combinations of our products. To make the purchase process easier, we have simply combined all three into a single product.
  • Best of all, you get a substantial discount when you purchase all three together! We sell ScopeDSP Suite for just $999, which is less than the cost of ScopeFIR and ScopeIIR alone. So, you get ScopeDSP for free plus an additional $99 discount!

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